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Student Credit Card

Student Credit Card
Student Credit Cards (SCC) are for those students currently attending a university or college. They are specifically aimed at students who may have little or no credit history. Its purpose is to develop a good credit line from the beginning in the student's career and life.

The difference between a student credit card application and a regular credit card is the student's ability to repay the debt, plus the fact that the majority of university students from 18 years of age and under limit of 21 years "of legal age." The CEC, along with the Credit Card Act of 2009, helps facilitate the student to establish a good credit line.

The main impact of the Credit Card Act is to limit the increase in interest rates credit card. Some credit card issuers raise interest rates on existing card balances. A consumer can obtain a reduction in interest payments after six months of paying your bills on time.

A college student shopping for a credit card for students should compare the
various services before applying. Interest rates and fees may differ materially different. Here are some examples.

Citi Dividend Platinum Select does not require a cosigner. However, like most credit cards, credit need a good one. The APR (annual rate) 13.99-21.99% variable. They offer various "Cash Back" shopping options.

Student Travel Rewards from Capital One only requires a "fair" credit rating. Regular April is 19.8% (variable), and no annual fee. This is a card designed to build good credit, and offer free alerts, customizable e-mail text.
If the student has excellent credit, you can ask students Cardbuilder Discover, where he is the boss! No annual fee and the student chooses the regular and / or introduction in April. It is an interactive tool to allow the student to customize this student credit card.

For students who do a lot of travel, not the Student Card Discover Open Road, which offers a double bonus Cash Back on any gas station or restaurant. There are no annual fees and the regular APR is 13.99-20.99% (variable).

Good credit students may apply for the Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa for College Students. No collateral is required, and the student can gain "Thank You Points" for every dollar spent in places such as cinemas, video rental shops, restaurants, bookstores and record stores.

Citi card below provides an annual reduction rate on purchases if the student uses their credit wisely. There are no fees for balance transfer, and April is 13.99-22.99%.

A prospective student who wishes to obtain a general credit card, you should get a cosigner. This is because they have no proof of ability to repay a loan. This applies to consumers who are under 21 years and users are not permitted because of their parents credit cards. Federal law prohibits credit card companies that offer "gifts" in any place within 1000 feet of a campus border.

For people with bad credit is not guaranteed Capital One MasterCard, only requires a security deposit. The annual fee is $ 29.00, and the regular APR is 22.9%. Another option for people with bad credit is the first bank credit card Premier Classic, which requires regular checking account. A $ 95 refundable is $ 300 limit credit. This would be a good credit card for students to boot.

Check out the various review websites credit card and fill out interactive forms that allow perfect combination for your individual financial situation. If you have bad, fair, good or excellent credit rating, somewhere there is a student credit card perfect to start on your way to establish a classification of good credit cards.

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